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How fit for purpose are your HR services?

Converging megatrends are reshaping how companies are structured and managed, the jobs people do, their motivations and perceptions of work and the organisations that employ them. The HR function is uniquely positioned to help organisations adapt to these trends, and many HR professionals believe that the function will look radically different in the future.

Understanding where your organisation has a requirement for basic versus best practice HR services can be a true source of competitive advantage in delivering your organisation’s people requirements. To help you assess where your HR function currently is, and where you need to be to enable delivery of your business strategy, Hay Group has developed the HR blueprint.

Completing the blueprint will create an individual summary illustrating the current and desired position for your organisation across eight key HR practice areas. You will be able to print, save and email your final blueprint.

If you would like to create a blueprint for your team or a group of individuals within your organisation please click on the ‘Request team blueprint’ button below.

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